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Truly awesome and stress-free. Website easy to navigate and test was straight from the handout, no gimmicks or tricks!!
Rene Francis PT

Excellent course. I’m no longer in outpatient, but still evaluate the shoulder at times which was good to see other options for stretches and exercises. My sons play baseball so it was great to see info from that standpoint.
(The Throwing Shoulder)
Beth Stivers PT

You guys are very convenient and very user-friendly.  I just finished with another online provider and I had to go to outside sources to get the information to pass their tests and their website was extremely complicated to navigate. You made it so easy, I will use you whenever I can in the future. Thanks again, 
Jeff Hellbusch PTA

Website VERY easy to navigate!!! Have already referred all my OT colleagues!!
Nancy Bloss OT

Love that it is iPad friendly!!! 🙂 
Lauren Vaughn PTA

This is the first time using this company and I have to say I love the ease of navigation through your offerings and how quickly I am able to find what I want.
Adrianne Shimek OT

Always a pleasure to take your courses and I always learn more than expected.
Jessica Wright PT

I love the way the courses are designed. To be able to review the materials and get the test results immediately is fantastic! 
Kathleen Culler OT

I have used your website for several self study CEU’s and am always pleased with the simplicity of the system, the variety of topics, the thoroughness of the information. I can earn my CEU quickly but learn something valuable without the hassle.
Darlas Hildreth OT

Best online CEU courses, bar none!!!
Ryan Taylor PTA 

Easy to follow. Website nicely formatted. I appreciated the suggestion of printing out the test to complete as I read the material. Then went back and put the answers into the online test.
Farrell Piner OT

Love being able to do my courses in the comfort of my home, on a road trip from the passenger seat, etc!
Elizabeth Quigley PT

Very easy to use, easy to pay, hassle free, good price. Thank you.
Michelle Johnson PTA

Well-organized from website to course description, to information, to exam. It’s better than listening /viewing videos because I can go back easily and review.
Julie Kurosawa PT

Very informative course. In addition, the staff was very helpful, accommodating, knowledgeable and readily answered all of my questions! Thank you. 
Diane Gollott OT 

Excellent experience. I learned more from reviewing the article and taking that test than from reviewing a powerpoint presentation that I took last year.
(Geriatric Therapy- Module 1: Foundations- Part 1)
Beth Monarch OT

This is a well-presented, easy to understand, relevant clinical course. Thank you for some great material.
(Muscle Energy Techniques- Module 2: MET for Postural Muscles & Myofascial Pain)
Pamela Johnson PT

Absolutely the most online informative course I’ve ever completed! I couldn’t stop reading The sensory integration chapter!
(Occupational Therapy for Children- Module 3: Motor Control & Learning/Sensory Integration/Visual Perception)
Cynthia Morgan OTA

Loved the topics covered, very informative and practical in daily P.T practice
(Orthopedic Physical Therapy Secrets- Module 5: Special Topics 2)
Sheetla Gaitonde PT

Appreciate ad free website. Friendly, easy access to website, course, and test. Interested in future courses online from Advantage.
Stephanie Lindsay OTA 

Awesome information…great reference guide for PTs, especially in home health setting…PTs are often faced with medication reconciliation in addition to understanding how medications can impact therapy treatment.
(Pharmacology For Therapists)
Kristin Schneider PT

I bought a 2 hr course last night from your competition and it was an extremely frustrating and bad experience overall. I will use your website and product from here on. I will also refer it to my colleagues as well. Thank you again for a pleasant experience.
Lance Destefano PTA 

Great course to download and read/digest on my mobile device!
(Neuro Rehab- Module 3: Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neuromuscular Diseases)
Franz Camacho PT

Excellent. Easy-to-read format, purchase was fast and simple, course content was very informative and useful. Would definitely recommend.
 Melinda Hodgson OT 

The convenience of online courses combined with quality and useful information for current practice (I choose courses mostly based on my current caseload and always go back to work with new ideas for treatment) and the willing and patient IT support, an easy phone call anytime-even dinner time, make this an invaluable website. I live in New Mexico where the nearest onsite CE course is 250 miles away, which may be why our board approves of 100% online CEU’s to renew our licenses, lol. And the price is so reasonable for such quality. I am so grateful, if not adoring.
Maureen McGuire COTA

Very specific for every diagnosis on symptoms, differential diagnosis, and exercises to complete. Well organized.
(What You Need to Know: Orthopedic Reasoning/Pathology/Rehab- Module 3: Thoracic & Lumbar Spine)
Lacey Wiegmann PT

Excellent! Easy and convenient way to access pertinent resource material to reinforce and upgrade clinical knowledge and skills.
Darlene Zakrajsek PT MS

The ease of use was definitely a positive. Being able to access the content from anywhere was very helpful and made completing the course much easier.
Amy Wilkins PTA

Efficient use of my time and finances while gaining valuable and applicable information.
Vicki Goldberg PT

Best Ethics/Jurisprudence course I have taken thus far. Easy to follow and you explained each topic.
Sarah Harshaw PT 

This was a great course that helps decrease my fear of performing balance tests in the clinic!! I have 2 young children and wow I was actually able to complete without difficulty!!! Thanks for developing these courses for busy, hectic lives!!!!!
(Neuro Rehab- Module 1: Balance and Vestibular Dysfunction)
Valerie Johnson PTA

I would recommend this course for its ease of use, educational value, as well as value of my ceu dollar. I will return!
(Occupational Therapy for Children- Module 2: Evaluation and Standardized Tests/Hand Skills)
Catherine Fox OT

This was a great foot and ankle course. I have been an orthopedic therapist for 17 years and “specialize in foot/ankle diagnoses.” I found this to be a great resource for seasoned clinicians and a great learning tool for new therapists.
(Orthopedic Physical Therapy Secrets- Module 12: The Foot and Ankle)
Kristie Elton PT

I was very pleased to find a Direct Access approved course that was easy to access which had excellent reading material for reference. The process for testing and certificate order was very straight forward and not time-consuming.
Amy Pyle PT

I found this very informative and helpful as this is an area I’d like to explore for practice. It is also informative for someone who works with children after discharge from the NICU.
(Occupational Therapy for Children-Module 6: Neonatal Intensive Care)
Michelle Leach OT

AWESOME would use your site again 🙂
Howard Le PT

This website is absolutely worry free, extremely informative, very easy to use and the support staff is the best I have ever seen.  Do not waste your money on a website that does not have what this one has to offer.
Carla Sullivan PTA

I appreciate the informative nature of the course, its ability to impact my practice, and it’s economical price.
(Upper Extremity and Hand Therapy- Module 4: Common Shoulder and Elbow Diagnosis)
Dena Cooper OT 

Thank you for making this course informative and accessible to use.
(California PT Ethics)
Jennifer Segler PTA

This has been my first experience with Advantage CEUs and it has been great. I loved the info on the ankle course…very diverse and clinically appropriate.
(Orthopedic Physical Therapy Secrets- Module 12: The Foot and Ankle)
Angela Johnson PT

Best course on stroke I’ve had in a long time and thank you for making the format so user-friendly.
(Stroke Rehab Module 1)
Karen Sweet PT

This was my first experience using a CEU course from this website and definitely will not be my last! I found this course to meet my needs and then some.
(Neuro Rehab- Module 5: Visual Disorders)
Giresh Melwani, DPT 

I’ve already referred this course to two of my colleagues. I like this form of learning because I can learn at my own pace.
(California PT Ethics)
Will Freeman PT

Great content – clear, organized, thorough both medically and therapeutically with nice immediate application pearls for work with our patients! Another solid course offered by!
(Upper Extremity and Hand Therapy- Module 6: Tendonitis and Tendon Injury)
Beth Weathersbee OT

Thank you very much for the opportunity to take this course online! It was convenient being able to take it at my own pace, as well as being able to print out the information and post-test for reading when I wasn’t going to be around my computer was awesome too! And lastly, the price was very reasonable! I will let my co-workers know. I look forward to taking other classes with you. Thanks again!
(Orthopedic Physical Therapy Secrets- Module 10: The SI Joint/Hip and Pelvis)
Sherri DellaBona PTA

I love this site!! Will definitely use it again.
Rhonda McAlester PT

I loved this course. I have MS and thought I knew most of what there is to know about my disease. Apparently not. Thanks for the new material.
(Neuro Rehab- Module 3: Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neuromuscular Diseases)
Laura Giese Weber OT

Thank you for providing useful and affordable continuing education. 🙂
John Quinby PT

So wish I would have found this website sooner. Most definitely will use this website for all my CEU’s.
Wendy Johnson PTA

I have been to many onsite con’t ed courses and this was by far the best and most relevant. It was totally comprehensive and reminded me of things that I learned in school, but have forgotten. 
(Orthopedic Physical Therapy Secrets- Module 10: The SI Joint/Hip and Pelvis)
Audrey Jackson LPTA/MPH

If I can take, follow the guidelines, and complete the course and pass the test, then anyone can!! I’m so pleased with the user-friendly setup. I’m definitely taking more of your courses!!!
Suzanne Clark PTA 

Website was easy to navigate. All that was promised was delivered. Excellent value. As a first time user, I will return to this site for future CEUs.

Very accessible, affordable, and convenient! Thank you!
Marion Sarte OT

Wealth of information at a great value, and convenient to do at home without the need for traveling to a course out of town, hundreds of miles away.
Cynthia Stasak PTA

Very user-friendly and applicable immediately in the clinic.
(Keys to Understanding Common Nerve Entrapments)
Kristen Dilmas PT 

Informative, applicable, quick and easy. Will use this site for CEUs again.
Lindsey Johnson OTA

I love the presentation of this course. I work a lot with neuro so it was good to have a refresher with it as well as other tools I have not utilized regarding the OT side of things. Thank you for the information and course.
(Stroke Rehab Module 1)
Shannon Parmenter PTA

Very clear and informative material. Well organized and presented. Thank you!
Celia deMayo PT

This was the first time I have taken an online course. I found it to be very good, easy to take, and understand.
Sandy Cooper PTA

This was my first online CEU course and was a great experience! Will definitely use again in the future.
Cheri Ashley PTA

Great! Could even complete on an ipad which is rare! Thx
Katie Weaver PT

Excellent information and delivery. I will use AdvantageCEUs again!
Corey Fine PT

Excellent! Very informative. Anatomy and other concepts explained in easy words.
(Upper Extremity and Hand Therapy- Module 5: Peripheral Nerve Problems/Wrist and Hand Fractures/Finger Sprains & Deformities)
Namita Ghate PT

If I could just HOLD all this knowledge in my head and filter it out as I needed it. It is a GREAT reference.
(Orthopedic Physical Therapy Secrets- Module 4: Special Topics 1)
Cynthia Penny PT 

Have already referred a colleague and am going to register for another… Information very useful for me. Thank you.
Susan Dobrolski OT

Very thorough and covered many areas that we see in our geriatric population.
(Geriatric Therapy- Module 3: Examination and Intervention- Part 1)
Dianne Orrison, PTA 

So thankful you make this requirement easy and affordable to meet.
(Oklahoma PT Ethics)
Cathleen Dixon PTA 

I loved how easy it was to navigate the website, pay with Paypal and take the test.
I am presently working with a child with Duchenne’s MD and have experience (35 years) with children having MM and Congenital MD. The updated information with research criteria was very helpful. I will print and share with the school team.
(Physical Therapy for Children- Module 3: Spinal Conditions, Muscular Dystrophy, and Myelodysplasia)
Donna Brilla PT

I loved the stress free feeling of being able to review the information several times and take the test until you achieved a passing score. I also love that there are no long downloads and that the website is so user-friendly.
Whitney Bagley PTA

This was the most pleasant online course experience.
Robyn Robinson OT

Thank you for great customer service!! I am thoroughly satisfied with all aspects of my experience.
Laura Meier OTA

The information was informative, valuable, interesting and easy to extrapolate to my current patient population.
(Pain Types & Patterns: A Differential Diagnosis)
Laura Paquet PT

Quick and didn’t have to drive 100 miles to sit in a class and fight staying awake. 
(Indiana PT Ethics)

Excellent in its detail but brevity. What a great resource to print out and have for reference. Thank you!
(Occupational Therapy Ethics)
Mary Armstrong OT

Easy to read and understand, and excellent value! I will purchase more courses from you!
Julie Jones OTA 

It was an eye opening look into the complexities and potential causes of pain, instructive to the clinician in differentiating between various types of pain. This will be very helpful to me in my practice.
(Pain Types and Patterns: A Differential Diagnosis)
Grant Alford PTA

Awesome!!! Will be able to refer to this info over and over again!!! Thank you.
(Pain Types & Patterns: A Differential Diagnosis)
Amy Secret OT

This is one of the first CEU’s that I have taken in a long while, that truly taught me and provided me with information that I can use daily.
(Occupational Therapy for Children- Module 2: Evaluation and Standardized Tests/Hand Skills)
Rosanne McNeilly OT

Exactly what I was looking for. Very helpful. Thank you!
(Neuro Rehab- Module 5: Visual Disorders)
Kristin Baringer OTA

I found the course very helpful and a great resource for future treatment ideas.
(Neuro Rehab- Module 5: Visual Disorders)
Melinda Berrouard OTA

Very informative. User-friendly. Great price and value. Love your company!!!
Lee Taylor PTA

Thank you for making this very straight forward experience. We all have lives outside our practice and it is nice to have a time efficient option to complete the requirements of continued licensure.
Aaron Richardson PT

Very easy to read, the author made this topic interesting even though I have taken ethics courses throughout my entire career.
Lynn Deal PT

I like the fact that I was able to print the test and course. Very user-friendly! Will purchase more CEUs from here!
JoAnne Darr OTA 

Being a Physical Therapist and currently having a new born son in the NICU, I wanted to brush up on my pediatric PT knowledge. This definitely helped in that aspect and allowed me to fulfill the need for my CEUs.
Justin Coleman PT

This was a great course. A wealth of educational material that will help me be a better PTA, allow me to understand the diagnoses much more in depth and therefore make a bigger difference in peoples lives with not only treating them but also providing education so the patient and their families can understand their diagnosis better. Thank you.
(Neuro Rehab- Module 3: Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neuromuscular Diseases)
Vladimir Povolotsky PTA

Great course. Easy to follow and understand. Provides good basis of code of ethics and conduct for OT.
(Occupational Therapy Ethics)
Tonya Suarez OT

Plan to use the Coban wrapping on a client next time I see her! Used concept from Chapter 1 on another client at last visit. Overall, very informative.
(Upper Extremity and Hand Therapy- Module 1: Fundamentals- Part 1)
Rosemary Capo OT

I thought this course was great! I have been practicing 15 years and I still needed the anatomy refresher with great diagrams! I thought the context had a very good flow into clinical use as well as the charts and diagrams easy to follow. I will definitely be using your courses again!
(Orthopedic Physical Assessment- Module 2: Lumbar Spine)
Stephanie Brown PT